How Much Cash Should You Have On Hand

“How Much Cash Should You Have On Hand To
Survive When The S*!T Hits The Fan… The Next Time?”

Look at the chart below…

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It’s a chart of the US money supply. The gray area is years when we were in a recession.

Think of it as printing money. When the fed need more money, they just print it. Now who gets that money? Not you and me. Banks get a big chunk of it, but the biggest buyer of the money that is printed is the US government through bonds.

At what point is this bubble not going to burst… again?

You can’t print “funny money” forever.

This should scare the hell out of you and I. Greece is a great example of what can happen. To think things are just going to stay rosy on the financial front is just naive.

So what do you and I do to be better prepared should things get ugly again? Which they will.

This market may be the only safe haven for investors in the long term.

Well, think about this. As governments keep printing more and more currency, at some point inflation has to take off. And I think that when it does, it will take off like a rocket.

It’s just common sense.

Look at what is happening all across the globe. The writing is on the wall… in big bold letters!

So what should we do to make sure we can continue our present life style when it happens? There is only one thing really. Have more cash on hand so that when things cost more we don’t have to sacrifice.

This is what I am recommending everyone do right now to quickly grow their cash position.

See, it seems to me the government knows that cash is still king. And when they need more they just print it. But what can you and I do?

This is as close to printing money as you and I will ever get.

Think about it. How great would it be to sit down at your computer each morning and just print out a pile of cash and then go spend it on anything you want that day?

Well there is a guy I know who is doing exactly that.

  • He sat down for an hour and ten minutes at the beginning of this week and made $13,156.00!
  • And he has seen an increase in his account in the last few months of nearly 7,000%.

Using this groundbreaking new trading system software.

And he did not do it in stocks, bonds, real estate, or anything else that can tank when the economy does.

He made all that cash by simply knowing which currencies were going to drop and which were going to increase.

But he didn’t guess. He used a trading system so accurate that he simply let the system do its job and collected his cash from the market.

This is the exact system he used.

The fact is that he is on track to have such a gigantic nest egg stashed away that when the next bubble bursts, the next recession happens, he will have so much cash that he just won’t worry much about it.

Surviving in today’s economic world is not like it was for our parents. Just having a good job and saving a little money every month can’t protect you.

All the news right now seems to be about Greece and Puerto Rico’s financial woes…

  • But I remember a time when the stock market struggled for a decade just to get back above 1,000.
  • A dot com bubble that cost people a fortune.
  • A time when many leveraged their homes to buy toys betting on a housing market that could never burst. Until it did.
  • When people, who could not afford homes and had no credit, or even sometimes no job, were given loans they couldn’t afford to buy homes at grossly inflated values.

And what happened. Somewhere between 5 million and 7 million (depending on the source) of those people lost their homes.

I am not trying to preach doom and gloom here, just stating the fact that we should learn from our mistakes and be better prepared.

The best way to do that is to make a mountain of cash, and this is doing just that for many of those who are using it.

How much you ask? Someone who has recently started using this strategy just made this…

$1,614.92 in 5 minutes

$2,998.18 in 15 minutes

$2,200.79 in 20 minutes

$1,322.18 in 10 minutes

$192.90 in 30 minutes

$4,096.40 in 10 minutes

$5,493.15 in 15 minutes

That is $17,918.52 in 1 hour in 45 minutes of trading in just the last two days!

This is without question the fastest and safest way to ensure you have millions in cash on hand. If things get ugly, you will need it. If they don’t, you will just have a great time being rich.

Go here for a full explanation of this powerful method of trading the largest and most liquid market on earth.


Scientific Forex Team

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