Don’t Get Low Interest On Your Money

There was an article in USA Today titled, “Sorry, Savers: Interest Rates Set Record Lows.”

As I quickly scanned the article, I came across a few mind-bending and wallet-shocking figures: “Money funds yield an average 0.03%. The highest-yielding one-year bank CD, from CIT bank, yields 1.1%, says — $5,500 a year from a $500,000 deposit.”

Wow and OUCH! Talk about a serious reality check for people who plan on using CDs or Money Funds to secure their retirement paydays.

Bill Mack, a student aid councilor in Allen, Texas was quoted in the article saying, “The fact that my savings are sitting in a money market fund doing next to nothing certainly impacts my comfort level in terms of when and where I will retire.”

Sounds like he could use a call from one or our Private Money Exchange or PMB International Affiliates!

Luckily for you and me, we understand the power of private money lending and know how to leverage our retirement into investments that allow, on average, 8% annualized returns (but oftentimes much more).

In fact, I just received this testimonial from one of our top producing affiliates who happens to also be a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).

In a year where most bond funds were yielding 2% – 4% and even the best were in the 7% range, every single note we placed through PME yielded 9% or more. This allowed us to deliver performance to our clients, which was well above what other advisors could have delivered, and to do so with a significant reduction in risk.

Be sure to check out Private Money Exchange.

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