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  1. I would like to become a private lender. Will you give me more details please or send me info. on it. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Bertha, We are looking for investors who will lend in 1st position on commercial FTD’s. Offering 9-10% annualized int., 1-2pts front, interest only monthly payments for the term of the loan. Need short-term (6-12mos.), and longer term (to 60mos.) investors. We can offer a buy-back agreement at the investor’s request. All borrowers and investment properties are thoroughly vetted by our experienced team of underwriters with over 50 years of commercial real estate experience. (You cherry-pick the deals YOU want to fund, and WE do all the rest.) Please visit the site: http://www.privatemoneyexchange.com/bwells register with your name, phone and email and indicate that you would like to LEND money. One of our Lending specialists will contact you confidentially by phone.

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